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Scan your website to improve SEO results

Your ultimate checklist for your website. Scan your website for improving SEO and download your results into a free report PDF.

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Get SEO results by reviewing your website

Toolhandle.com is a free SEO tool to scan web results. The tool is scanning over 50 SEO criteria for properly optimize website for search engines as Google, Yahoo and Bing.com

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Toolhandle.com provides a lot of free functions

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SEO Score

Get a SEO score after reviewing your website

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+60 SEO criteria

The tool is checking over 60 SEO criteria

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Getting suggestions of improvements

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Download as PDF

Download your results into a PDF document

Download your results in a report PDF

Save your SEO-results as a PDF-report after scanning of your website. The scan allows to print and download reports in PDF.

Scan your website
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Analyze your competitors

Track your competitors for web results. Get a SEO-score and improve your website and beat them.

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SEO Scan niels.to — Toolhandle.com
Competitor analysis

Toolhandle is an useful free SEO tool

Toolhandle.com has essential ingredients for any web page. Easily, free and an ultimate checklist for your all for scanning all your websites. For beginners and advanced webbuilders who want to have more traffic on their website(s).

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